Here is some additional information that will allow you to understand how the product or the advertising supply may attract your customer. It is easy to imagine an exclusive advertising supply that carries your logo or your publicity message. This product is present at your customer premises either at his work , his residence, his car or even in his boat. By now, this advertising supply becomes permanently the object that recalls your presence.

Advertising Supply
An advertising supply comprises the following elements:s
  1. An advertising message.
  2. The message is reproduced on a useful tool (or added on on an item).
  3. Is offered with no obligations
Free Gifts and Incentives
When offered conditionally (For example: "Get a Free Bookmark when you purchase this book"), this very same practical item becomes a free gift when used as an incentive for a precise outcome.

Commemorative plaques, pins, trophies, jewels or personal items and other types of gifts offered for the purpose of outlining important results or honorific situations are examples of rewards.

Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts are offered especially to customers and to personnel of your company, and even to your partners or to important suppliers. Those corporate items do not include trips and other gifts of importance. Generally speaking, companies use those corporate gifts items to thank their customer, to increase its business activities, to outline efforts and thank their long-term employees or even to comply with their customers demands who are expecting a gift in return, etc.

Why Use Advertising Supplies?

More and more, people combine advertising supplies to all important elements of a winning marketing strategy. Today, because of the fast information technologies, consumers have a wide variety of mass media and are empowered to decide if they want to be associated with such advertising message or not. The use of the "Publicity by Object" is an efficient mean to target specific markets discretely and in a personalised fashion. Advertising supplies are also useful and therefore appreciated by the recipients when they choose to promote repetition, acknowledgement and hold back on the name and/or the message of the advertiser. The impact of the advertising supply is even more powerful when clearly identified with a targeted group because one can choose products to be sure to make a favourable reaction and hence eliminate the massive distribution of advertising elements. Once the choice is made to add an object to a advertising campaign, then one has to choose the appropriate items among the thousand of avail able articles, and it is then that the services of a professional distributing company becomes essential.

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