You have a specific project, we good ideas!

For companies and non-profit organisations
Artic-Pub offers the following services:

ADVERTISEMENT: Sale incentives for a specific audience. Prints for mass distribution.

For example: A free gift with a minimum purchase of your company products.

Please check our catalogue
for over 200,000 promotional products.

REWARDS : To employees or to community workers.

For example: supplies that carry your logo perhaps with a personalised inscription related to your activities.(Watches, trophies, golf accessories, etc.).

FUND RAISING : Procedures : We will help you in choosing a product that is a big seller on which we will print your logo or your advertising message. You will determine the vending price according to the profits and have them sold by the volunteers of your organisations

BUSINESS FORMS : Design and literature production of personalised forms to be used with current computerised programs. (Invoices, cheques, statements, expeditions labels, etc.)


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